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Herzlich Willkommen! – Welcome!

Welcome to the website for the degree of Master of Arts in German and English Linguistics!

The Master of Arts in German and English Linguistics is a bilingual degree which combines the historical, theoretical and pragmatic areas of linguistics. Within the framework of the Master course, the development, structure and usage of German and English are investigated and taught. The central topics of the degree are the German and English languages (standard varieties as well as regional and social varieties) in their contemporary structures and usages, including the historical and sociocultural contexts and also considering language contact. Moreover, knowledge and skills of research methodology are also taught. On the one hand, students can obtain qualifications for research; on the other hand, the course also offers them knowledge and skills to apply in practical fields such as language teaching and media communication.

On this page you will fill all the important information for the degree. Thank you for your visit and interest – we look forward to your application!

With best wishes from Hannover,

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Diewald (German Studies)
und Prof. Dr. Rainer Schulze (English Studies)

Lecturer interviews are online

The first interviews of the lecturers of the Master degree in German and English Linguistics are online.
These can be viewed under the menu item "Lecturers".

Further interviews will follow soon.

Masterstudiengang DEL Video (englisch)