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Enrolment Prerequisites and Applications

Enrolment Prerequisites

There are two prerequisites for enrolment in the Master of Arts in German and English Linguistics degree:

  • An undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Arts) with at least part of the focus on Linguistics
  • Proof of knowledge of German (at least level C1) and English (at least level B2).

Further information can be found in the entry regulations (Zugangsordnung and Zugangsvoraussetzungen für das Fach Englisch, in German).


The degree may be begun in either the winter term or the summer term. Each year 25 students will be admitted to the course. The application deadline is 15 July each year for the winter term and 15 January each year for the summer term.                                                                                                        

In order to be accepted, the application must contain the following documents:

  • the application form completed in full
  • a certified copy of prior academic qualifications (or a preliminary confirmation) or proof of completion of 150 credit points
  • where applicable, a language test certificate proving the required language level(s)
  • a two-to-three-page curriculum vitae in table form (in either German or English)

Further information and the necessary forms and documents can be found at the Enrolment Office (Immatrikulationsamt):

Welfengarten 1, 30167 Hannover

Self-assessment for prospective students of the MA GEL is now online

Beta-version of self-assessment for prospective students of the MA GEL is now online

If you are interested in applying for the Master of Arts "German and English Linguistics" and are unsure about what level of linguistic knowledge is required, you can now quiz yourself with our self-assessment test. It features content that is taught in our "Introduction to Linguistics" and "Syntactic Analysis" courses with both German and English questions. The self-assessment is not obligatory for your application, but it can provide you with tips on what knowledge from your BA studies you could revise.

Please note that a self-assessment can only provide a limited picture of your actual linguistic knowledge because it is dependent on which questions are selected randomly from the pool of questions. If you have specific questions about the appplication process, the prerequisites, or anything else, please feel free to contact the student advisory service via ma.delgermanistik.uni-hannover.de

We are happy about any feedback we receive. Please include the name of the question, for example "3 Morphology lexical categories 2" if you are sending feedback for specific questions.